Assorted Crusty Fresh Bread


Cob Loaf Fresh Rolls Fresh Bread Large Bread

Popular Specialty breads:

Sour Dough,
Seeded Sour Dough,
Turkish Bread,
Focaccia Bread,
Fruit & Nut loaf,
Hot Cross Buns (only at Easter time),

Also our very popular daily breads;
White, sliced, unsliced & rolls,
Brown, sliced, unsliced & rolls,
Multi-Grain, sliced, unsliced & rolls.

Some of our popular lunch options include our Bakehouse Focaccia & Rolls;
Bakehouse Special – Ricotta, Sundried tomato & Zucchini
Ham – with Cheese, Mushrooms, Vegies & Pickled Eggplant
Salami – with Cheese, Mushrooms, Vegies & Artichokes
And many other fresh ingredients – you choose.

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